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April 24, 2021


Police identify suspect caught on camera stealing massive teddy bear from Coral Gables restaurant

(Thanks to pharmaross)

This happened not far from where this blog resides. We are literally shaking.


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Cell phone camera video showing how an undercover police officer was able to approach the suspect without immediate backup available.

Coral Gables: High Crime Area. How to protect yourself from it's mean streets. New at !!.

In his defense, if he was really bare, that's certainly justification for stealing a massive teddy, but most restaurants are still "no shoes, no shirt, no service", unless the plandemic rules have changed all that.

There, there Dave. I'm sure everything is okay now. However, just to be safe, I'd probably keep an eye on Walter for a while.

Those terrorist bastards! Get a rope.

Massive Teddy sounds like something from the Fredericks of Hollywood plus sizes department.

That bear thief does not look like you, Dave. So I was wrong, sorry....

Snork @ Clankie!

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