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April 30, 2021


Authorities on the Swedish island of Öland have warned citizens and tourists not to approach the dead body of a beached whale which "may explode".

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Wouldn't it be safer to just mark-off the area with a couple of dozen road flares?

Surströmming for everyone.

If this thing was floating off the Texas coast, people would be lining up with their deer rifles to make it explode.

Soon to be Lutfisk
If you're not from Minnesota:
Lutefisk is dried whitefish. It is made from aged stockfish, or dried and salted cod, pickled in lye. It is gelatinous in texture after being rehydrated for days prior to eating. Lutefisk is prepared as a seafood dish of several Nordic countries. It is traditionally part of the Christmas feast;

jg, or, as Garrison Keillor once put it, "lutefisk is a fish that Norwegians soak in lye in hopes of improving its flavor."

This would make an awesome cookery sketch by the Muppets.

Amoeba, here's the script for that:

Chef: Gvort! Gvort! Gvort! *BOOM*

jg: And you wrap a piece of lutefisk up in lefse bread, you have a Norwegian Burrito.

Meanwhile, in California....

RE: (meanwhile in CA) Do you suppose someone mistook his penis for the Loch Ness Monster?

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