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April 30, 2021


That’s actually the goal of Torched Earth Ale, a new beer from New Belgium Brewing, based in Fort Collins, Colo. With each sip, you’ll get a not-so-subtle reminder that your favorite brew may no longer taste the same if we don’t take immediate action to slow climate change and adapt to its effects.

(Thanks to Steve K, who says "Makes Bud Light sound almost tempting.")


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Well climate change IS a load of crap, so one would suppose that's what a beer made in it's honor SHOULD taste like.

" a climate-ravaged future "

Oh great. Now I'll have nightmares about being ravaged by climate.

Reminds me of a favorite line from the old "Frasier" show. An overbearing expert is critizing Frasier's radio advice show, when she asks producer Roz to bring her some coffee. Frasier gives Roz a "please" look, so she does. The guest takes a sip and asks, "You call this coffee?" Roz says, "Most of it." Frasier quietly moves the coffee cup away.

Presumably they expect to sell this, or they couldn't have afforded to make it.

So...who's going to buy it?

Isn't that what all New Belgium Brewing's swill tastes like?

This brewery may be one that allows customers to 'create their own six-packs.' Maybe they'd throw this swamp water in for free.

So basically, someone brewed a crappy-tasting beer, and then asked, "How can we market this?"

you are doing good. keep going on

It’s sad to think about all the screwed up people out there who are drinking this swill just to signal how virtuous they are. They could show they are *really* concerned by (1) turning off the AC for the summer; (2) pulling the breaker on the hot-water heater; (3) keeping just enough heat in winter to prevent pipes from freezing; (4) not driving anything, including electric cars which spew their pollution at the power plant; and (5) not flying. Anyone who talks about the climate crisis without making a real commitment to change is a windbag who deserves crappy beer.

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