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April 11, 2021


Florida is full of invasive species. They’re coming for the rest of us.

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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O.J. moving to Vegas is a perfect example of this, what-ever -the-hell the guy calls this.


Can we somehow employ them to tackle the massive Pacific gyre?

Many people in Florida haven't acknowledged that COVID-19 is an invasive species. The big danger isn't so much snakes and lizards as diseases and parasites.

Blame windmills or something.

You could escape all that and come north where it only gets down to -30 once or twice in the Winter. I'm just sayin'.

Can't read because I'm not subscribed.

maryquos - if you can open the story in Google Chrome, try using the Incognito browser option.

copy and paste the link you can not read into the Igcognito browse option and go to the story link. Doesn't always work, but may work.

Also free to try and use to get past the subscribe problem.

If you want serious 'ghost' surfing capability , you would have to download/install this browser.

This is nothing new. Isn't "Retired Northerner" an invasive species?

thanks man tom!

"Creatures like the tegu, a dog-size toothed lizard ... " Holy Hieronymus Bosch!

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