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April 14, 2021


Average woman pops 4,153 pimples in her lifetime — and pandemic is making things worse!

(Thanks to ImNotDave)


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Hopefully she's popping her own pimples.

I can tell you from experience they've probably not all hers.
Just part of a healthy relationship ;)

Having never had a pimple, Jennifer Anniston would disagree.

Sometimes I feel like we of the blog are much like a pimple on the butt of humanity, so relatable, pretty much.

Flawed report - guys of the male gender supposedly never get pimples or polls.

Not that I have any appetite to read about such.

"The past year has wrecked serious havoc on the skin," meaning that serious havoc has been wrecked, which would be a good thing, no? Do we need to bring in Mr. Language Person for a ruling?

cfjk, I think the blogsters here would consider the rest of humanity to be the pimple on our butt.

RN (Point taken, but that's a pretty big pimple.)


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