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April 27, 2021


Standard Life Aberdeen to change name to Abrdn

Asset manager says new name reflects ‘clarity of focus’ but critics point out pronunciation issues

(Thanks to Jim Perth)


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Its subsidiary company is ThHnd, and they will be merging next year with WrthTwoNThBsh.

Instead of commissions, clients will have to pay to buy a vowel.


We'll save a fortune in signage!

Will the cattle breed formerly known as Aberdeen Angus now be called Brdn Ngs? If they want to be consistent, they need to get rid of that first vowel, too. Of course, they then would lose their top spot in alphabetical directories.


Isn't Clarity of Focus a potent strain of weed?

A.U.B.R.E.Y Standard Life.

Remember to do this when pronouncing it.

And of course, this idiotic name was conjured up by somebody likely making far more than anyone posting here, and someone making even more actually approved it.

How do you get a job making big money for idiocy? Besides serving in Congress, I mean?


cfjk: No, I believe it's a brand of some other drug. In today's business news: "Justin Zhu, co-founder of Iterable, said he was trying microdosing as a way to boost focus."

Which may have been what the focus group was doing when they ran this by them.

"Abrdn, Abrdn, prettiest town I've ever seen
Women there will treat you mean..."

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