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April 28, 2021


You say you've seen a thing or two. Here's a third thing.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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It's not often that such persistence does not end with success, but on the plus side they did manage to wash the van.


Adventure in Moving! There is a guy who has posted similar low-clearance videos at http://11foot8.com/. Much higher speeds involved.

Young people with a driving test in their future can thank these guys for lowering the bar on parking competence.


Free car wash with each Florida drivers license!

I wonder where this happened? I'm sure it wasn't Florida!

So which is worse, drive it like you stole it or park it like you rented it?

Was that Dean Winters driving?

Happy birthday to nursecindy.

Thank you MOTW!
I can't say much about these guys because I backed into a hospital once while driving an ambulance. In my defense, there was no property damage and we'd already unloaded the patient. However, my fellow EMTs never let me forget it.

Opinions vary as to where they were headed.

Remember the Main!
Oh, wait - that was already used for the Spanish-American War...

William Shakespear said:
“ He Is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer F***ng Will”

Happy B-day, and in your defense, whomever built that hospital put it in the wrong place.

I hope they bought the extra insurance.

Nurse Cindy -- I'd blame the building for the contact


Happy Birthday, nursecindy,

Enjoy the spanikopita.


Happy Birthday, nursecindy! Because we are basically a day ahead here, the nation of Japan celebrates your birthday with a national holiday on the 29th, which coincidentally happens to be the birthday of the Showa Emperor.



“Well, that T.V. weatherman is probably feeling pr-e-e-e-tty stupid right now, eh, Madge? He called for sunny skies! Wrong again, Bill Forte’ of Channel 9 Accu-forecast... Wrong again!!”

Thank you, everyone!

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