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March 30, 2021


The agency that controls U.S. nukes had its Twitter account accessed by a child

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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I'll just stay in my bunker and relax.

" Absolutely nothing nefarious occurred "

So just ignore all those mushroom clouds and go on about your business.

Just wWait until the 1-2-3-4-5-6 launch code is discovered.

Twitter is all the bomb, sad as that is.

Where is Chloe when we really need her to form a perimeter?

Millennia years in the future some alien scientists will investigate a planet that has only recently started emitting reduced, safe levels of gamma radiation.

"Exxxil, we have been able to recover some buried digital data.It appears to be a government press release that interprets as: All governments wish to assure the public that our thousands of nuclear weapons are perfectly and safely stored and present n----the rest is sadly lost to history.

"I'll bring along what we have, can't be late for Giglihoff time."

Jeff, I think the gang from 24 is still in the bathroom. That's what happens when you go nine years without going potty. I wonder if they've had to charge their cellphones yet?
btw, I miss the live blogging of 24 and really wish we could do it again. I also miss the recaps by Steve the 24 guy.

He must have been snoozing during his annual security refresher when they said not to walk away from a logged-in computer without securing it. He'll no doubt get another refresher.

Despite being warned not to by Daffy, the kid wanted to push The Wed One.

Key quote, “;l;;gmlxzssaw.”

Kids say the darnedest things.

Big N, little n, what beings with those? Nine new neckties, nuclear code, nose


ChrisinVa: still makes a lot more sense than anything President* Joe Biden says.


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