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March 01, 2021


A drink-at-home secret base tent.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Doesn't look like the one-way windows are working on this either. Why not just build a fort from the sofa cushions and pillows, like we did as kids?

This is just the type of "novel" ideas you'd expect from drunk designers who are working from home.

This is one gift that would be remembered. I believe one off these should be on everyone's Christmas gift list for that "special" person who lives at least two states away.

How much is the shipping?

Ok, I'd like to make a comment.

Hoss: "Hop-Sing get your lazy, drunken ass out of that drink-at-home “Secret Base” tent."

Hop-Sing: To hear Hop-Sing's response, "click here."

When Brian Wilson pitched a tent in his living room in 1967, they thought he was mentally ill. So now we're supposed to do the same thing to make us mentally healthy?

"All your base are belong to us."

This is not what I had envisioned.

For only 6980 yen (s&h separate) you to can have a a one-person fortress of solitude!

What would be the difference of buying a tent at a store and pitching it in your living room? It would also save enough money to stock the bar.

Don't tell the Boy Scouts and their pup tents.

I’m going to crawl under a bed with a dust ruffle and bring flasks of adult beverages.

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