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March 28, 2021


Your vibrator can now alert you when your food delivery is going to come

(Thanks to Ralph)

Related: The Suez Canal crisis is now blocking a huge shipment of erotic toys from reaching the Netherlands

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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"Grubuzz"? Really?

As for the Sue Canal story: O the humanity!

The Suez Canal problem could be fixed if they would only call the most successful agency with experience in removing stuck, beached objects: The Oregon State Highway department.

Netherlands or nether regions?


Couldn’t they just turn on all the devices to vibrate the ship free in the canal?

The current buzz on this is that they will get their ship together in the next few days.

The pizza delivery guy has no idea what's coming.

Key word of the day: teledildonic. This must be what the Beach Boys were singing about last century.

"In 2018, CamSoda also launched RubGrub, a vibrator that placed a delivery order for a large cheese pizza for users following an orgasm."

where do i buy this??

asking for a friend.

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