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March 30, 2021


Licensed beavers released in Wales for the first time

(Thanks to DaninDallas, who says "Florida licenses, I presume.")


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Question: How does a beaver get a license?
James Bond had a license to kill, do beavers need a license to gnaw or one to prove they can safely swim,or perhaps a license to construct damns? Then comes the money question: Are there beaver rights lawyers to defend licensed beavers and how do said beavers pay for licenses and rights lawyers?

Obviously,legislators need to chew on these questions and many more before burdening already befuddled beavers with annoying laws and fines.

Where do they mount the tags, and do they have to be illuminated?

Excuse me miss, is your beaver properly licensed?

What did one Licensed Beaver say to the other upon arrival in Wales?

"We've only just begun to build this dam."

If I were a carpenter
And you were a beaver
A kiss for luck and we're on our way
(We've only begun)

In a related story, inspired by the licensed Welsh beavers, Florida announces it will require pythons to be licensed. This is projected to produce a substantial revenue stream for the state.

Licensed beaver.

When beavers are outlawed, only outlaws will have beavers.

I thought this was a story about reintroducing ship’s pursers to Wales. Then I realized I was thinking of the wrong kind of rodent.

How long is the lease for?

I guess that means that concealed carry is now beaver legal in Wales.

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