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March 01, 2021


A passenger plane was forced to return to an airport in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum after an angry and aggressive cat, which had somehow got into the cockpit, attacked the pilots shortly after takeoff.

(Thanks to Peter Metrink)


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Lesson here; never let your pussy wander.

Airline probably discontinued the cat food meal option.

Something like this happened to me. I was on a Delta flight several years ago to Miami from ATL and was sitting in a middle seat. On the isle seat next to me was a woman with a VERY large "service" dog. The dog was curled up by her feet. In the row directly opposite us was a woman in the middle seat who took out her cat from it's carrier and put it on her lap. The dog took notice of this, but stayed put. The cat took notice of the dog, but stayed on the woman's lap. For the entire flight, I was expecting either the dog or the cat to take off after each other, but neither did. Other than than, it was an uneventful flight.

Not the pussy related mile-high club we're most familiar wth.

According to the story, this happens entirely too often.

"Jeddah ATC, request emergency altitude one-two-zero for a window ejection of dangerous cargo."

Animals on commercial airliners are all sorts of problems waiting to happen. Cats in the cockpit are generally manageable inconveniences. Now larger, "service companions" such as horses, cows, sheep,condors, turkeys and such, should be banned out of an abundance of common sense. It's just a matter of time until some airliner will hit a major thunderstorm causing the animals to panic. The ensuing melee could be disastrous

The incident would, however,spark a new TV movie. Who wouldn't want to watch, "Stampede at 30,000 Feet?"

Cat-Holio - “Heh Heh, you said ‘cockpit”.

Sounds like a cat-astrophe....heh.

With this being the third major incident, it won't be long before the FAA requires all airlines to carry a box of catnip. They will also mandate annual crew training on how to use it.

Pilot will be in big trouble when the inspectors see that the "Inspect cockpit for cats" box wasn't checked. Worse yet, maybe they checked it without looking.

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