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March 25, 2021


The Village People don't want to be inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)

So apparently the Grammys have a Hall of Fame.


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It's fun to be in the
Grammy... Hall of Fame
It's fun to be in the
Grammy... Hall of Fame

The Village People WBAGNFAB.

I'm sure the Grammy people will have no trouble accommodating them.

Leaving them with no choice but to select Copacabana.

What about just a plaque at the YMCA?

Is it possible to delete the movie Can't Stop the Music from existence?

Hopefully The Village People will reunite and open for Cher's next Farewell Tour.

They probably get sick every time they hear "YMCA"

I met a guy by the name of Phil Hurtt a couple of years ago who says that he actually sang on the first Village People album, which was recorded BEFORE THE GROUP EVEN EXISTED! Apparently it was recorded in Philly by a producer who wanted to write great pop music while poking fun at the 1970s Gay experience. He said after the album was released & became a hit, they asked if he was going to be in the group. He says he passed. (I don't know exactly why he turned it down, except to say that I've met his lovely wife, who is a woman.)

Excellent Groucho quote.

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