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March 31, 2021


3 teens stole vessel of holy water from church in south Lincoln, police say

(Thanks to Steve Bradford, who says "Confession is going to be very interesting this week.")


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Lots of Our Father's too.
If I'm going to a service where I know there will be a lot of holy water used I try to sit in the back. For some reason, my priest always tries to hit me with three of four sprinkles of holy water if I don't. I'm not sure why.

When you mix ExLax with holy water, you get holy crap!

@Steverino -
and if you do that when they serve the wafer, it's holy (r@p on a cracker.

If those teens were young vampires like in 'Lost Boys'
This mistake will mean 3 pillars of smoke and 3 less budding vampires.

"I'm melting, I'm melting!"

Holy water costs $200?! Where do you buy it? Is there an official supplier? Do you have to have it shipped overnight directly from the Jordan River or something?

So the convent was holding an open house for young women interested in joining the nunnery. To continue the tour the women first had to go to confession related to any contact of a sexual nature. Jessica and Jennifer admit to a little hand action are told to wash their hands in the holy water as penance which makes them feel self conscious until they notice the girl behind them using the holy water to gargle.

Penalty flag thrown at cfjk. THAT was truly awful.....

You're welcome.

During the pandemic, one priest that we know did not want to get close to people to sprinkle them. So he use a "super soaker" squirt gun. He used several gallons of holy water in each service.

Rod Nunley, The water itself is free. It comes from the faucet in the kitchen, and then the priest blesses it to make it holy. The bucket and spritzer, are expensive.

Some tourist shops in Jerusalem sell bottles of "holy water from the Jordan River", for silly prices. Churches don't buy that stuff.

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