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March 24, 2021


59-FOOT tapeworm oozes out of a Thai man's rectum after he went to the doctor about extreme flatulence

We warned you.

(Thanks to pharmaross, Rod Nunley and Barry Nester)


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I'll heed your fair warning, Dave.


Slither little tapeworm, slither, slither
Slither faster little tapeworm, slither
Slither fast in the slime of night
Doctors are hot on what they think is your tail
They'll drag your slimy hide outside
And drop it in a jar of formaldehyde
Slither little tapeworm, slither faster
Or your slimy hide will wind up in formaldehyde.



Dr Schawanya Rattanapitoon, who led the team, said: 'Transmission is caused by eating raw beef. These parasites can live in humans for more than 30 years.'

"Dr. Rattanapitoon, can you put into words what you were thinking while you were removing this thing?"

"Ummm, etc., etc., etc."




I don’t think worms have feet. Maybe just 1. Definitely not 56.

I'm with MOTW. There is no way I'm clicking on that link.

Pharmaros is linking to some great bands and great music. The Doors. I had an eight track of the Doors in my car. When some kids from school got in and I played it, they asked, "wow, what is that?" Never heard The Doors before. Then one night I had a couple of girls from school in my car and played an 8 track they had never heard. I popped this in. "Wow, who is that?" I wonder if they would remember and if they know who it is today?

I don't have a story about Dave Clark Five except I watched them on Where The Action Is, wore Beatle Boots and combed my hair a lot and asked, "wow is that?" "Did they open for Paul Revere?"

Really those links to those song bring back a lot of Memories which light the corners of my mind, Misty water-colored memories of the way we were, Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind. Smiles we gave to one another for the way we were.

One of the girls in my car will remember.

Reminds me of the Terrible Tapeworm Joke. I will tell it only if there is overwhelming demand. Or over on the Blogit Facebook thingy, they have lower standards there.

As long as it doesn't cause a pandemic, I'm ok with it.

Extreme Flatulence opened for The Butthole Surfers.

Still no requests for the Terrible Tapeworm Joke? No doubt due to massive Internet outages. I'll check back later.

We're all still TTJ waiting, it's just that taking personal responsibility is not a virtue here on the blog.

OK, I will bow to the will of the silent majority.
Man goes into the doctor's office, complains he has a terrible tapeworm. Doc says, come back tomorrow with an apple and a cookie. Man will try anything, comes back the next day with an apple and a cookie. Doc tells him to drop his pants and bend over. Doc says give me the apple. RAMS the apple up the chute. says give me the cookie, waits 30 seconds, RAMS the cookie up. Tells the man to come back the next day with an apple and a cookie. Next day, same thing, RAM, 30 seconds, RAM. Doc says, come back tomorrow with an apple and a ball peen hammer. Man comes back, doc says give me the apple, RAM. Doc says give me the hammer, waits. After 30 seconds, an ugly little head comes out and says, "WHERE'S MY COOKIE?" BAM!

There! Now you can all stop pestering me.

I saw "Oozing Tapeworm" open for "Whitesnake".

And we all were under the assumption that an apple a day would keep the doctor AWAY.

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