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March 02, 2021


Alabama woman face felony charge after stealing neighbor’s goat and painting it

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sweet Home Alabama
Where the goats are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord the police are comin' to your home for you

"Silver Blaze" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
(Substitute a horse for the goat. Also the source of the great "curious incident of the dog in the night-time" remark.)

Isn't it a little early to be attacking rival college football teams' mascots?

The people who owed that goat should have renamed it 'Vincent Van Goat' and sold it for some big bucks.

Erica Farmer is the name of the Mother of the Year who showed little Timmy and Suzy how to rustle and paint a goat for fleeting fame on social media.
I expect that Timmy and Suzy will now steal and paint some bunnies so they can be with mommy in jail.

Erica Farmer ==>
Fame carrier
Acme Farrier
A fiercer ram
Err if camera
Farm Career I
Far rare mice

No photo? No description? When they said she "painted" it, that could mean she painted a portrait of it. This kind of shoddy reporting really gets my goat.

So, a Farmer stole a goat?

Earl Scheib will paint any goat for $ 99.95.

Orange makes them easier to spot if they fall off the surfboard. Similar to Miss Erica's lockup attire.

Well, that REALLY paints my goat!

Major Snork to Clankie!

I wonder if that's similar to a painted horse?

Or painted cats (Google it).

I saw Painted Goat open for Neil Young and Crazy Horse.

Her goat is named Meth.

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