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March 29, 2021


2:05 a.m. A woman walked into her teenage daughter’s room and found a boy there.

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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If the drunk had managed to win any money, he could have just bought a fishing pole.

In this day and age, who knows what that means ?

Are they relocating any mummies in Kalispell? They need to knock that stuff off right now. Have some common sense, people.

12:46 a.m. A man kicked out of a casino for being too drunk was banging on the windows.

I call bull. I have never seen a casino with windows.

Boys always show up in the places you least expect them.

Mummies? Which President are they speaking about?

Possibly a "first" for Flathead County.

Boy Tom?

8:59 p.m. A friendly dog was found.

The last entry for an ideal day in Flathead Co.

Ok I assume to get it on the police blotter she must of called the cops on the boy. My wife would have kicked him out on his heels. What a wimp.

@anthony stewart: I quite agree. I once found a girl in my son's bed one morning. (his little brother had alerted me) I put the younger son in another room and told him to stay there, no matter what he heard.
I went to older son's bed, threw back the covers and ordered the girl to leave immediately. Oh, sure: there were some f-bombs hurled in my direction, but I deflected them deftly with my super mommy powers. Get out. Now. (pretty simple) No need to call the police.

MOTW I had to do the same thing. Once. I capped it off by calling the girl's parents and for some reason, she never spoke to my son again. I'm not sure if it was my "mommy powers" or the fact his dad cursed at him in Dutch for over an hour while occasionally smacking him in the back of the head. For the record, his dad is from the Netherlands and didn't just randomly start speaking Dutch.

Don't mess with the women of the blog's sons and daughters.

BTW Once upon a time, I had two teenagers and at the same time.

Note: A lot of times when we thought they were in their room asleep - they were not.

Writer's embellishment: I got upset when I spotted a young woman's bra and panties hanging to dry in my hallway bathroom.

No need for concern, we don't have a basement. I'm OK.

Why is it you always find things in the last place you look?

@nursecindy - I saw a cartoon/meme:
A woman and two exorcists. She says: “I am telling you - I am not possessed! I was speaking Dutch!”

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