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March 29, 2021


Many Egyptians are expressing their fears online, saying that the attempts of relocating the ancient mummies might be causing all the disruptions across the country, suggesting that it may be better for Egypt to cancel the event and keep the mummies in their current location.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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These events will come as no surprise to those who remember "Jonny Quest".

"More tanna leaves for God's sake...."

"Death shall come on swift wings to him that toucheth the tomb of the pharaoh."

" Toucheth the tomb of the Pharaoh " was Egyptian code for " Orders the Chef's Special at Aknaten's Lunch ".

What numbskulls are cultivating tanna leaves nowadays? We have enough crazy groups in this world without summoning up a bunch of half dead killer mummies to join the parade.

Oh, the humanity!

I'm hoping that Joel, Tom Servo and Crow will soon start a running commentary on the nightly news.

Test. Please use a #2 pencil. Use a spare sheet of notebook paper if more space is needed.

1. Comprehension Test.

Please write an essay on the following subject:

The "Curse of the Pharaohs."

Write your essay in the space provided below. Spelling does not count.

F#@K Tut.

What's all this about the curs of the Pharaohs' ?

Sounds like they just miss their mummies.

I don't believe in curses but in this case, I'm willing to make an exception.

There's the famous mummy curse: "Just wait until you grow up and have a child just like you."

@ Rod Nunley - I loved Jonny Quest. My little brother and I used to watch it, dubbed in Japanese, at a neighbor's house in Tokyo before we got our own tv.

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