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March 06, 2021



(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It says he was asleep behind the wheel In the middle of a land of traffic. Does this describe the entire country or just the greater Nashville area?

In his defense, perhaps before being so rudely awoken, as a child he had one of those racecar beds and was simply dreaming about his childhood.


If he was wearing pajamas he might have a case. Otherwise, not so much.

He needs an experienced DWI attorney.

Well, a bed is the place where you sleep, isn't it? Impeccable logic.

Padraig is getting a little formal with us, isn't he? As for this guy, after looking at his driving record in that article the only time he should be allowed to drive a car is in his dreams.

Are you calling me a snob, nurse cindy? I'm not a snob, ask anyone! Well, anyone who matters, anyway.*

* Stolen from Simon LeBon of Duran Duran.

Was "Asleep at the Wheel" playing on the radio? They're a Texas country group if not familiar.

^5 to anthony stewart! I would also say "long time no see" but I have read that is no longer woke, so I will give free rein to my inner formalist and simply say, "If my perception of the passage of time is correct, it has been a distance of some greater length than usual since we last had the pleasure of hearing from you."


Sniff 'n' the Tears

Great post man tom.

You made this a Twin Spin Solid Gold Saturday Night!!!

Rock & Roll!!!

Just finished watching a Tina Turner "One Last Time" concert on PBS. Boy can she bring it with 'Proud Mary'. Like a fine wine, Tina seems to get better with age. I saw her open for Michael Jackson at the Pontiac Silverdome when I worked as a PepsiCo Sales Manager and we sponsored their joint tour. Great show!

"If you ain’t where you are, you’re no place."

(Col. Sherman T. Potter, “M*A*S*H”)

Tina Turner grew up in St. Louis. She was a bit older than I when she attended high school at Sumner High School. In the early 70's I pitched a district playoff high school baseball game against Sumner High School. We were huge underdogs. Sumner was tops in the St. Louis inner city baseball circle. I struck those lightweights out one after the other. They just stood and stared, well glared at me, out on the mound. We whipped their ass. Really. They couldn't believe it. They couldn't accept it own their home diamond in Forest Park. They almost started a riot! The police were called in and our team had to be escorted onto the bus in order in leave the park.

Anyway, I did not pitch the final playoff game because I had just won the Sumner game. We lost the District final to University City High School. The pitcher who beat us was Harriet Woods' son Pete Woods the future Mizzou quarterback. had I pitched they would not have touched me and Pete would have tasted defeat, I can say that with confidence. Think you can hit me? Get a bat.

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