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March 25, 2021


Man arrested in Oklahoma City after crashing vehicle into strip mall, allegedly told police he aimed for vape store and marijuana dispensary

(Thanks to Alan West)


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I think if he hadn't been on drugs he would have had better aim.

So why would he have wanted to destroy the pot shop when he so clearly was a loyal customer?

In his defense he thought it was a drive through window like the packys in Iowa.

We need to bring back hood ornaments. This is the second time someone has had difficulty with accurately aiming the vehicle at a target.

I always thought that you had to get undressed to go into a strip mall.

I always thought a strip mall was full of titty bars.

He was too wasted to think of blaming his GPS.

I will take this moment to once again pay tribute to the most brilliant business adventure I have ever seen, a combination marijuana dispensary and Taco Bell in Colorado.

Oh, and yes, it has a drive-thru window.

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