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March 02, 2021


First ever space hotel slated to be operational by 2027

(Thanks to EricY)


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"That's one small step for Motel 6, one giant leap for The Shady Rest at Petticoat Junction."

The Voyager Station will be commonly referred to as, "Near Space One."

Location, location, location.

What could go wrong? Well, I guess there is this....“People need gravity so their bodies won’t fall apart,” Blincow explained.

Without the flying cars we were promised but still don't have, how is anybody going to get to it?

Don't Forget to Steal Your Towel.

Welcome to Floaty Towers.

I can hear the constant playing "elevator" music now:

"Like a wheel within a wheel
Running rings around the moon
And the world is like an apple
Spinning endlessly in space
Like the circles you will find
In the windmills of your mind."

_-With apologies to everyone on Earth.

Will all the minibars be stocked with Tang instead of bottled water?

@Rod, if it's named Voyager, you can bet the transporters won't work.

The vercimous knids will attack.

wanderer2575--You have noticed a potential future problem. Especially if some deep space civilization "visits" that station and the name gets changed to V-Ger.

Maybe I am staying at the wrong hotels but entirely too often, there is a problem with the heat or air conditioning. I'm not so sure that I am ready to depend on a hotel for essentials like oxygen and radiation shielding.

On the plus side, I won't ever hear the people in the next room being loud, right? As in "In space, no one can hear you scream."

Which brings up a third problem. Again with the cheap places I stay at, there is no after-hours maintenance person. What are you supposed to do about the egg-laying-in-your-chest alien that you find in the closet?

Rod got my question too.

"The couple in the next room are bound to win a prize..." - Paul Simon

You may experience some difficulties when using the outdoor swimming pool.

"I have a bad feeling about this."

"No construction costs have been revealed."

As a professional construction estimator, allow me to say


Come for the view, stay for the radiation exposure.

What could possibly go wrong?

I think I'll just stick with Myrtle Beach, SC.

In Space no one can use an ATM.

The first time I heard that Paul Simon song, many moons ago, I thought "...they've been going at it all night long" meant the couple in the next room was arguing all night.

I suppose it could have been both. While visiting a friend in a cheap boarding house one evening, we overheard a man in a room across the hall yell, "You belong at the North Pole, you blankety-blank penguin!"

Which raises the question: Don't penguins live at the SOUTH Pole?

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