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March 26, 2021


Pepsi and Peeps Have Joined Forces to Create Marshmallow Soda

(Thanks to Rick Day, Asher Scheiner, Janice Gelb and The Amazing Steve, who says "Proposed slogan: 'For people that don't think they're getting enough sugar'")


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Obviously, the only thing missing here are some Mentos and a microwave.

Wait. They're proud of this? They're bragging?

This can't be made from real peeps.

They're almost indestructible for soda production purposes.

How is this not called "Peepsi"? Seems like a missed opportunity.

Soon to be a made for TV movie called 'Peep Show'

I suppose if you were a college student, you could put it on your breakfast cereal if you were out of beer.

Someone suggested combining Peepsi and a chocolate shake from Wendy's

First I shot more insulin and then I went to the drive through

It's like two brand managers got drunk and made a baby that can put you in a diabetic coma. Nevertheless, the marketing creativity of the blog commenters is inspiring.

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