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March 26, 2021


Researchers Design Nose Mask You Can Wear While Eating

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston, who says "Researchers are mocking us now.")


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The only unanswered question here is "WHY!?!".

Didn’t we learn anything from the horrors of the Opti-grab??

The Roswell aliens tell us they are considering starting a new Interstellar unreality show starring Earth. "Insanity can be fun to observe as long as it not on your planet." they claimed. No one asked why they were still here out of an abundance of common sense.

Another step forward in the restoration of magic to romantic dinners for two.

A couple of these combined with a vintage full face mask would make a perfect bikini.

Of course, the virus can enter through the eyes, too, so why don't masks cover the eyes as well? Some people seem to act as if they already did anyway.

man tom--Many of us like the way you think!

man tom, do you remember the trikini of the 1960s? A friend of mine referred to it as two pasties and a dishrag.

Now all we need is a pill to deaden the taste buds and we will finally achieve 'Food Equality'. Bland for all!

The only solution is a "Cone-of-Silence" setup like they had on GET SMART. I still chuckle thinking of that schtick.

This should go with the Chin Mask that is so popular in Florida.

Captain Nerezza?

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