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March 25, 2021


Woman arrested after gun pulled during fight among parents at Matthew Gilbert Middle School

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Confusing quote: "I can tell you that they each have been trespassed from the school and are facing multiple criminal charges."

They have been trespassed from the school. Hmm .. transported from, transferred from, expelled from.

Mrs. NMUA is a substitute teacher. Occasionally in the Great Vehicle Challenge I will need to drop her off and pick her up from a school. Some schools have had problems with firearms or fights or flamethrowers (don't ask), so coming in to pick her up after school can be met with some really skeptical attendants.

Nothing good ever happens in a high school parking lot.

I lose. I had "Greater Miami Area" in the pool. Jacksonville was my second choice.


I beg to differ.

Although it was at night after a basketball game in a '71 Firebird.


This was supposed to be a knife fight.

I was going to guess Flathead County.

Pharmaross, you fooled me, I SO thought that was gonna be a response from MT.

Someone please introduce this woman to the guy that stole the 400 pound slide and put in his kids bedroom.

vaporsmith--Flathead County would have been a good guess, but most of us living here have already pawned their guns to buy pizza and beer.

My '71 Pontiac Firebird Drive-In designer edition.

@MT The styling of those Pontiacs of that era appealed to my artistic sensibilities, (still does) but MT, I always figured you to be more of a "Grand Prix" kind of a guy, but changing the badging on that wagon might be considered boastful, and we all know you wouldn't want that.

With a car that size, you would definitely use up a can of wax before it dried out.

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