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March 26, 2021


Iceland’s Newest Eruption Actually On Private Land

(Thanks to Art Kraus)

Related: Icelandic man gets naked next to erupting volcano

(Thanks to Jane Linderman, who points out that the man's name, which nobody is making fun of, is "Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson.")


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Hey you! Get off my lava!

The 20 owners are missing a bet. Advertise the true art collector now has a chance to own a piece of constantly changing natural art. Simply set up a camera on your own active volcano and stream it to your wall-size flat screen.

Starting minimum bid $40M U.S. currency.

If some dodo's will pay millions for computer digital print, they'll bid the price up crazy.

Gwyneth Paltrow has a new candle coming out that smells like her Sveinn Snorri Sighvatsson.

Hopefully Iceland's "freedom to roam" law exempts the property owner from liability if some dude gets his pocket rocket torched by a lava flow.

ripleysparrow it could happen. I saw a picture the other day where a bunch of people was roasting hot dogs over the lava.

I don't think this is the weenie roast he had in mind when he started.

Wouldn't be my first choice for a Christmas gift.

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