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March 27, 2021


Around 20 giant South American birds are on the loose in Hertfordshire - with police warning they have been seen attacking dogs.

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Rhea birds are similar to emus which were a get rich scheme popular in Texas when we lived there. They were touted as a source of "healthy" meat and supposedly their hide was valuable.
Some people I knew bit on the scam and bought a mated pair for $50 grand or so. I went to see the emus once. They are big, nasty critters with a perpetually nasty disposition. They came with a warning the spurs on their feet can disembowel a grown man with one kick.

One of the birds reached over the fence, grabbed my glasses off and proceeded to destroy them. That was my first and last encounter with one.

Later, HEB a huge food chain brought out emu meat, A two pound roast was $78. I asked the meat manager if they had actually sold any emu meat and said it all expired and was given to an animal shelter.
My friends couldn't even give away their 50k investment and eventually just opened the gate and let them roam free to save buying them more expensive food.

I understand many still roam Texas.

About 20 seconds in have a look at the scene
in Hertfordshire last evening.

Rhuuh Rhuuh Rhuuh Reha

I may run over to the Ben Franklin and buy one. Maybe I'll pick up one of these while I'm there. Truly Skrumptious would make a great Rhea Pet.

Kinda like long legged flying snakes.

Do they taste like chicken ?

I had an emu burger somewhere around Port Townsend on Puget Sound. OK, but nothing to write home about.

Send them to Rheahab.

Full name in Latin is “diarhea”

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