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March 27, 2021


Hi there!

My name is Peter, I searched for an accurate daily weather forecast and that's how I came upon your page, your page was really informative, therefore I checked your resources and I was expecting to find a comprehensive forecast with extended weather conditions like air quality which is really important for me.

Anyway, I wasn't fully satisfied with them, and


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Too bad things didn't pan out for Peter quite the way that he'd planned.

Don’t you just hate it when the forecast leaves you ha

@Peter - I, too, have been disappointed in this blog's accurate daily weather forecast. However, its humor barometer is spot on. Good luck to you following

Peter--The Happy Acres home where you live has people who care for and are looking for you. They promise if you call them they will send a ride and your room will be ready. Also, the head nurse says you can have ice cream for an entire week!

Hey, Barry, where are the International Cricket Match scores?!

And you call yourself a Pulitzer Prize winner!

Here, and here. (extended weather conditions begin at about 4:50 in the second extended forecast link.)

It wasn't this Peter (Ahem!)

I'd also like to see some more up-to-date recipes here. So far the only ones I've seen have involved flammable Pop-Tarts and exploding carrots.

Peter, huh ? I knew a Peter once. You first name isn't " Salt " is it ?

Peter, the secret to growing large pumpkins is not weather related, you just need to inject them with milk.

Peter's expectations didn't pan out? Sorry, but this Blog is off the hook.

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