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February 24, 2021


Nutritionist says pizza is better for breakfast than most cereals

(Thanks to Ralph)


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But then again, so are danish, so a win-win.

Isn't this common knowledge?

I had pizza for breakfast yesterday, as a matter of fact.

Pepperoni za & PBR: "The breakfast of champions"

Eat pizza at every meal and you won't care if there's a deadly snake in your pool.

I've said that for years. Pizza covers all the food groups (plus an extra serving of fruit if you put pineapple on it; that's a joke please don't smack me). That's called a balanced breakfast.

Many of us are looking back and rue the fact we didn't buy one of those mail order diplomas in some scientific sounding field such as uncommon sense and start getting paid big bucks to conduct "scientific" studies.
Most of us would be qualified to study things like, what type of beer is most nutrito---nut--uh-- better for you when you eat pizza for breakfast. Or is pineapple pizza consumed without beer damaging to your sex life.



Alas, Le Pet, we did once have such a vehicle, the Journal of Irreproducible Results. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have survived to the present day. Such a shame. It was truly a leading scientific publication, in its own unique way.

Obviously they've never had Lucky Charms.

Rod Nunley--- I had forgotten about that excellent publication that opened minds and shut doors. Great scientific humor. Here is a bit from an April, 1994 issue.

"The current edition of the journal examines food as a model for aging in humans and notes that ″elderly zucchini undergo morphological changes similar to those observed in humans.″

They shrink and wrinkle.

An article on Animal Crackers noted that several prey animals were broken and missing parts and suggested that it is dangerous for them to be packaged in the same box with predators. The researchers recommended compartmentalized boxes."

JIR lives! Despite several difficult years, the special Covid issue has gone to the printer. The website should be back up within months.
Norm Sperling, Editor
2625 Alcatraz Ave #235, Berkeley, CA 94705

Rod ~ I have "the best of" from that publication. My favorite was the proof that death is hereditary.

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