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February 15, 2021


Not this blog.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Don't mess with them or it.

He "just wanted to impress her."

How'd that work out for you, dude. Hint: if you need baby oil to get it on, you are in for a world of hurt. Look at the size of that nut, you nut.

This story has a ring of truth to it for unlike what is claimed in the so called "Declaration of Independence" all men are NOT created equal! (waiting for NC to confirm)

I see the beginnings of an international strike force capability to remove ransomware-locked chastity devices, soon to be a major motion picture.

This nutcase needs a large dose of common sense. Don't they have Viagra where he lives?
If he wants to make a positive impression on his girlfriend, bring her some chocolates and a good wine. Romantic music playing while enjoying a nice candlelight meal you have thoughtfully provided. Smiling and telling her how beautiful she is will impress her far more than having a steel nut stuck on your wang.

I had an ER patient do this too. We had to call in a dentist who had a special drill just so we could get the ring off his you-know-what. Note to women who have a man this dumb: Do NOT attempt to rub butter or anything else on the appendage in hopes that will help the ring slide off. Trust me, it only makes things worse.

Helpful link for any of you guys looking for that late Valentine's Day gift.

Question for nursecindy: what about Tiger Balm?

Asking for a friend.

What if you tried to expand the ring through heating it, by rubbing a jalepena pepper on it?

Seems an appropriate place for that to happen.


NurseC is correct yet again, as the butter should only be deployed in "last tango in Paris" situation

cfjk--Here in the Southwest guys usually learn after one lesson that after chopping jalapeno peppers and going to the restroom to wash their hands with soap and water BEFORE handling what you went there to handle.

I don't want any of those tools close to Little Burt.

By the way, I just found out that “cock fighting” is done using chicken. So my two years of training were for nothing.

Free Willy?

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