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February 15, 2021


How To Make Reusable Toilet Paper For Survival

(Thanks to Bill Ostroot)


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I've been using reusable toilet paper for years.


These survivalists are nuts. If the disaster is such that everything is shut down, what happens if they get sick? And no internet. Horrors!

Of course, if you're going to make / buy reusable toilet paper, then you need the Emergency Washing Machine (get 2 for the price of one, just pay additional shipping and handling!).....

Another alternative would be a cork.

Anyone else care to vote to make this shitty idea of the week?

Also: leaves, pine needles, palm fronds, frozen geckos, whatever is readily available would be a MUCH better idea.

Take a botany class so that you can differentiate poison ivy and poison oak leaves from other deciduous tree/bush/vine leaves in your geographic hardiness zones. I've spent a lot of time backpacking in National Parks and trust me, you would not want to choose the wrong leaves for this delicate wiping task.

When many of us were young, people received extra toilet paper in the mail in the form of catalogues from Sears-Roebuck&Co, Montgomery Ward and Speigel. If you were lucky enough to be on a farm, there were also corncobs.

pharmaross's comment brought back memories of my years working in mental hospitals. We had a new nurse come onboard from New Jersey to take her first job in Denver, Colorado. One of her first adventures was trekking alone into the Rocky Mountains. She decided to sunbathe in a bikini above timberline. Unfortunately, she fell asleep not knowing that at high elevation you will sunburn much faster. The hapless nurse woke up in pain, got in her car and headed off the mountain when she desperately had to use a restroom where there were none. After going into the woods and getting relief, she wiped herself with poison ivy. When the itching and sunburn pain became too distracting, she ran her car off the road and hit a tree.

When the poor nurse got out of the hospital, after recovering from getting banged up in the wreck among other things, she decided to quit her job and, not having a car, took a bus home to Jersey.

This might have been the perfect Valentine's Day gift for someone you never want to see again.

Isn't this one of the 1001 Uses for a Dead Cat?

This is why you wash your sheets?

@ Flathead County Frank -
Now I can use my AARP Bulletin, with 30+ pages cut into quarters I can supplement my TP supply.

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