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February 21, 2021


New Orleans paramedics called to possible cardiac arrest, find life-sized Bernie Sanders figure

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Well, with those mittens on, it does LOOK as serious as a heart attack. In the dummy's defense, he was in NOLA, cuz Florida man would have most likely just shot him, as a way of confirming the diagnosis.

Weekend with Bernie!

On the plus side, or maybe not, the Bernie Sanders figure didn't turn out to be a cake.

cfjk's comment reminded me of the 911 call from a Texas deer hunter.

"911, what is your emergency?"

"My partner, Phil, an' and I were huntin' deer when all of a sudden he grabs his chest and just fell over. I think he's dead!'

911 operator: "OK, lets not jump to conclusions. You need to confirm your friend is dead."

The operator hears a gunshot and the hunter gets back on his phone.

"OK,now what?"


How did they decide it wasn't him ?

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