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February 23, 2021


...this is a video of competitive eater L.A. Beast setting a new Guinness World Record for further distance walked barefoot on LEGO bricks, with an incredibly painful 3,886.20-meters (12,750-feet, ~2.4148-miles, beating the previous record set by barefoot marathon runner Sonny Molina by only 16.36-meters, or ~53.7-feet).

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Short explanation:

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I'm really disappointed. I thought we were going to see the Legos laid out of over the 2.4 miles, not a guy going back and forth a few feet at a time.

If he isn't going to beat the previous record by at least 100 meters, I'm going to call the feat a tie.

Sorry dude, you're going to have to try again for that record.

I've hopped at least that far after stepping on a Lego barefoot. Is there a record for that ?

I'm beginning to wonder if there is a category that is not covered by Guinness World Records?

They should set up a whole new category by requiring all the nathans hotdog eating contestants to fill their clogs with legos while tap-dancing.

I'd be more impressed if they threw some Matchbox cars into the mix.

@NC - Jacks

nursecindy--How about a new Guinness distance record for barefoot fire walking? It would at least be entertaining, especially if you weren't a contestant.

And how about a category for defusing ticking time bombs? That would explode on the Internet.

So many new category possibilities, it boggles the mind (and a lot of peoples minds are easily boggled).

During a short stint in Toronto in the '70s, I would occasionally pass a man sitting at a table in front of a museum, furiously making a ball of tinfoil. Beside him was a sign that read, "I am trying to get into the Guinness Book of World Records by making the world's biggest ball of tinfoil, but I NEED COMPETITION!" He was working like a madman, frequently glancing up at the amused crowd as if expecting some sane person to step forward and join him in his insanity.

However, I see that ten years later someone in Ohio actually succeeded in having their name listed in this division, which can be found under the subcategory: Colossal Wastes of Time. (While I am also a colossal waster of time, I have not yet learned to pride myself on the fact, and prefer to remain incognito. No accolades for me, thanks all the same.)

@Mad Hatter---No problems. Even if we give your pseudonym accolades, you can still have ice cream on Sunday's.

@ Le Petomane - Gee thanks! :D

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