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February 20, 2021


Bahrain's seagulls too fat to fly after feasting on leftover national dish

(Thanks to Ralph)


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" too fat to fly "

Sounds like the title of an autobiography of a certain Palme D'or documentary winner.

I was expecting the national dish to be Spotted Dick, as it often seems to make the headlines.

Not so much news. We once had a cat that got too fat to jump on the kitchen counter. I'm not sure whether this was good or bad news.


Just dress them in tiny tuxedos and tell aeveryone that they're Mediterranean penguins.

A man here in Flathead County, who says he once was in Bahrain, claims that 'machboos' translated from it's native Bahranian is "eat at your own risk."

I do know you won't find it on any menu in these parts so I reckon seagulls that show up and land on our lake come summer have nothing to fret. Well, there is the lake monster...

"fat seagulls staggering around the streets were bringing down the reputation of respectable neighbourhoods."

McBooz sounds like a happy meal that comes with a nip of scotch.

Bahrain's parents obviously don't subscribe to the 'you'll clean your machboos up before you leave this table' discipline.

“All that is left to do for these birds is to set them up with a jug of juice and a range of desserts.”

Whelp. If the machboos fits, wear it.

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