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February 21, 2021


Google enthusiast uncovers obscure manhood-shaped island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

(Thanks to Matt Filar, pharmaross and Unholy Slacker)


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If she is a mum of 3, she certainly knows what it looks like.

Life imitates art.

Are we sure that it's not just a rock encrusted fossil?

If you travel to see the penis island in the Pacific Ocean, perhaps you're willing to travel a bit further to see this Penis Park in South Korea...


...and for the woman that has everything, a gift that keeps on giving...


If you closely, Bigfoot and Jesus are obviously inhabiting the island.

Somehow the Justin Timberlake video has passed through my Firewall and has apparently broke the internet.

What is amazing is early day sailors named the island "Dickland" long before they had aerial photos or satellite images to get a good look at the place.

Close to Virgin Islands?

Pay close attention to the map or you could end up in the Disappointment Islands (French Polynesia) or Shagnasty Island (close to the South Orkney Islands). If you end up in Bangkok or Phuket, you've gone too far.

@Trew--If Dickland is close to the Virgin Islands, I think that the Virgin Islands name might need to be updated.

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