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February 28, 2021


Scientists found that a caterpillar called the tomato fruit worm not only chomps on tomatoes and their leaves, but also deposits enzyme-laden saliva on the plant, interfering with its ability to cry for help.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Attack of the Tomato Killers!

This is why we need to release the tomatoes from their cages allowing them to mount an adequate defense.

Enzyme Laden Saliva, the hot new German pan flutist who has everyone talking.

In New Jersey they call tomato fruit worms,"Gag Worms," because the helpless tomato can't cry out for help. We can only imagine the terror they must feel when they see a salad bowl.

In Australia the Tomato Fruit Worms spit on the tomato then call in giant poisonous spiders and huge toxic moths to keep anyone from approaching while the tomato noticeably cries out in excruciating pain begging to be left under the hood of a car to die while being eaten alive by huge carnivorous house flies.

"So the Penn State researchers wondered: Could the caterpillars strike back? In a series of experiments, they found that the answer was yes, illustrating a previously unknown strategy in nature's age-old contest between predator and prey."

So the tomatoes will evolve to catchup with the caterpillars?

A 5*Groan to Ralph! Well done.

The Screaming Tomatoes was the Arrogant Worms sequel to this important song.

Who left the drug cabinet open?

Hang on: enzyme laden saliva that shuts up the victims could have a huge impact for protecting Joe Q Citizen from telemarketer calls.

While haven't heard tomatoes cry for help I have noticed them occasionally shout for joy.

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