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February 27, 2021


Turns Out, Hats On Snakes Are A Thing And There’s A Community Celebrating It

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Snakes apparently don't have a sense of shame.

I want to see the video where they put the hat on and take it off the snake. How many times were they bitten? Or did the snake say "oh yesssss, I've been waiting for you to finally put a hat on me, thankyouverymuch".

@Algae: Fangyouverymuch

Why snakes attack.

Most of these are Ball Pythons, which are very mellow pets if handled regularly. Do not try this with a wild anaconda. They have no fashion sense.

Why no mention of shoes or a belt?

This fad will never catch on in Australia. I pity the fools who try to put a hat on an Eastern Brown or a cobra.
Some things you just don't try a second time.

I think they look fabuloussssssssss.

Hats on snakes opened for Ssssid Vicious.

We are so doomed.

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