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February 01, 2021


Childhood dream realized as disused water tower becomes family home

(Thanks to The Perts)


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Furnishing it was a tall order.

How well do the low flow showerheads and toilet flushes work?

It's all downhill from there.

That's also an expensive childhood dream: almost $500M U.S. to create a two family home.

That second photo is the stuff of childhood nightmares:

Tiny rack of antlers

Creepy hanging plant

Baby's crib/playpen, next to a [cue ominous music]

Sliding glass door without a balcony.

Would have been much cheaper to tear it down and start over.

The plumbing might have been tricky. For one thing, I bet it has low water pressure. But the sewage pipes are already installed. They go into the city supply ...

I guess they watched 'Animaniacs' too much as kids.
(The lead characters lived in the water tower at Warner Bros.)

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