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February 20, 2021


'He thought it'd be fun': PA man gets SUV submerged after driving across frozen lake

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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What's next Snake Canyon?

In Texas, things like this generally start with: "Hold my beer and watch this."

"It only comes up to here, on the ducks".

Did you mean "Almost drove across the lake"?

@Jg - agreed - there wouldn't be an article if he drove it ALL the way across the lake.

Either that or they need to add the words "trying to".

Aren't they require to put "allegedly" in every headline?

Instead of flying cars we got submarine cars, which is nice too.

I saw someone try to drive across a frozen lake in a 70's era Gremlin, and when that wasn't doubly suicidal enough they tried to drive across a seam in the ice, featuring a certain amount of open water. I guess they thought Gremlins floated like Volkswagens. (Spoiler: they don't.) The Gremlin was actually a good choice, they were able to kick open the back hatch and crawl out as the front seats filled up with water.

"Who's the U-Boat Commander?"

"police say they may file charges pending the outcome of their investigation."

Answer #1: He thought it'd be fun to drive on the ice.
Answer #2: Uh .. I mean .. I thought it was a parking lot.

The reason for the change in answers is for the insurance claim.

Citation: You are a sober idiot.

This is where Farmers Insurance uses its alternate slogan: "We've rejected a claim or two because we've seen an idiot or two."

He was right. It was fun, for the spectators.

This morning, NBC showed this genius in a bathing suit ice skating on a frozen canal in Amsterdam, until he fell through the thin ice. Brilliant.



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