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February 20, 2021


We’re not telling you whom to vote for. Because we know you already know.


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All of us have known for many years that Dave Barry is a world class, award winning, Corker.

I didn't realize that our Dave Barry played soccer.



So the bumper sticker should read: "IT"S LIKE A KICK IN THE BALLS-VOTE BARRY!"

I cry a little every time I hear Dave Barry sing Unchained Melody.

Is there nothing that Dave can't do?

Nice zoom shot of Dave's left nostril in the opening pic. The slow, measured beat of Dave's version of 'Unchained Melody' is so deliberate and creeping that his hairline recedes from the opening shot to the closing shot.

A stirring rendition. Did 'The Rock Bottom Remainders' play backup?

Your $ 2K check is already in the mail.

I voted! C'mon people, we can do this!! You know Dave is both your and my favorite Corker of All Time! Let's take this to the house!

It's the phrase EVERY corker longs to hear: "Been to Dover, cuz it's comin"

RNC("Retired Nurse Cindy"): Dave could always write a book. I suspect he would be a natural for such things.

Well, *of course* my vote goes for Dave Barry. He's a shoe-in.

I voted for Dave and entered blogs email. Potential win is 200 pounds of dollars, on a pallet I guess.

Lovin' the shorts, Dave, but maybe it's time to price out those hair implants.

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