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February 15, 2021


Escaped cow charges into hospital waiting room and attacks patients

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Lay off the Colombian marching powder, Ferdinand.

Do not attempt to soothe the beast by singing
We. are. Farmers. bum-bada-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum



If it was the hospital here, every patient would have a surcharge added for the full value of the damage and loss of revenue. Plus an administrative fee

Easy way to stop a cow from charging.

Take away it's credit card.


Overheard at the nurse's station: "Don't complain or everyone will want one."

Name of the hospital: Steak and Ail

Obvious case of Mad Cow Disease.

If you sign up with him, Joe Namath will personally cover any pre-existing cow injuries as well as milk the cow before it or He, for that matter, charges you.

The video would make a great insurance commercial.

This kind of behavior should have been anticipated BEFORE you started focusing all of your time milking snakes & spiders!

Rogue Cow opened for Crazyhorse. Stomping good show.

Did anyone check it for Covid?

It didn't have a hump, but it had plenty of 'ear,' a sign of an easily angered critter in cow country. Do not mess with them.

Charging Escape Cow opened for Buffalo Springfield.

I saw E.R. Bovine open for Marshall Tucker.

KNOCK-KNOCK! ...Who's there? ...Charging Cow! ...Charging cow who?, Whoa!, WHOA!!, WHOA!!!

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