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February 23, 2021


...a 21-year-old motorist told cops that he was speeding on a Florida highway because he was “listening to a song named Ciento Veinte, which means 120, so I was driving 120.”

Also legally sound: When Ortecho finally pulled over, he said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know driving reckless was illegal.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Good thing he wasn't listening to Michael Jackson's "Speed Demon."

There is also the old joke about a blonde driving 95 mph, and telling the cop she thought the Route 95 sign was the speed limit. "Good thing it isn't Route 180!" says she.

Hey, he didn't know! You can't say fairer than that.

So if he were to listen to "500 Miles", would he drive that far?

Someone ought to rap him upside the head.

P.S. I didn't know VWs could go that fast.

I topped a hundred on occasion listening to this Rap song..

I'm with Steverino on a VW that could go 120 MPH. I drove an old VW bug in my college years and the only way to get it over 70, was going down a long hill. I remember one time I was driving up Monarch Pass in Colorado. I stayed in the slow truck lane because that 40 horsepower engine could barely pull itself up that steep road. It was summer and I noticed a big butterfly coming up in my rear view mirror. When that butterfly passed me I decided that some shining day when I had money to spend that I was going to buy a faster car.



http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/crime/instagram-model-in-police-tussle-780429 He should have told the PO-PO that he was on his way to a photo shoot & they would have provided a police escort.

My '87 VW Quantum could scoot right along. The 70's Super Beetle was like a poor man's Porsche. But the old 1300 Beetle was only fast downhill.

The best part of driving a VW 1300 Beetle was that with just 38hp I could drive the VW with the gas pedal pressed to the floor, rev through all four forward gears and still be under 50 MPH.

I'm sorry, officer, but I can't drive 55.

The only time I have done 120 with any other vehicle on the road was when trying to keep up with Miami traffic.

I rode my motorcycle 120 mph barely hanging on at times while thinking the entire time, "when RAP music is eventually invented I will hate it and there has to something illegal about this."

I was ahead of the times and anyone else on the street. Well except for my buddy, Rick, also going 120 right next to me who thinking, "I wonder if man tom knows this is illegal?"

Driving home from Chicago in the middle of the night about thirty years ago, Mr. Hatter was channelling his inner speed demon and doing 90 in a 55 zone. I guess he thought it was okay, because there was another car in the next lane going the exact same speed. Unfortunately it was a cop clocking him, and he got the ticket he deserved.

A few years ago I began to avoid driving on the local Freeways as much as possible, they are called Freeways here, but are in fact highways. People drive 90 and 100 mph all the time. It's pretty incredible to drive down the Freeway at 70mph and be passed by a dozen cars at a time barreling down the road at 90+. Hell the other I saw this guy driving a Prius flying by me at 95.

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