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February 27, 2021


12-year-old girl accused of selling stun-guns at Tampa middle school

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I’m stunned that there are rules against this already in place.

Attention teachers: How'd you like to have her in your class?

Another case of government authorities suppressing the small business owner! We should encourage entrepreneurship. She could be the next Bill Gates.

Geeze, let the little girl have fun and make some money while preparing for a stunning future working for the IRS.

When I was her age, I made my by doing chores around the house and babysitting.

^ made my money

We used bricks. A fellow student name 'Mounce' was kicked off the bus by 'Cass' the mean bus driver who hated kids. Next day 'Mounce' stood atop a railroad bridge along our route and dropped a brick from atop that went right through the windshield of the bus. Everyone inside was showered with glass. I was sitting at the very back of the bus so I was spared the glass shower for the most part. While I'm on the subject of being stunned, around that time I and a really ignorant juvenile delinquent friend lived near 'Mounce'. And if you read on I'll explain how we also used trash can lids. So not to be outdone, we would get a metal trash can lid and hide in the bushes down by the railroad tracks. The tracks were very bumpy. When a car drove by and hit the tracks we would roll the metal lid out behind the car and proceed to run out into the street, pick up the lid and appear to run off with the guy's hubcap. I'm here to tell you it was thrilling. By the time I got to high school, this is no joke, I could run the fifty in 5.7 seconds. I was one of the fastest runners the high school had ever seen.

I tended to hang around older guys when was I was twelve. A friend who was 4 years older and had a car had a friend named Jeff Glass, I was told 'convincingly' by the older guys Jeff had a glass eye. To this day I still picture looking into his eyes and try and determine which eye was glass. In fact, I'm doing that right now. I guess I'll never know. That was 1969. Jeff Glass had a '67 Barracuda. He gave me a ride to school in the '67 Barracuda and this song was playing.

I was watching closely as Jeff Glass drove and we listened to You Can't Hurry Love. I was hoping He didn't wreck into something, like a school bus missing it's windshield, due to his having only one real eye.

Great story and music clip man tom.

I grew up in Motown and loved watching our local talent on the national stage via The Ed Sullivan Show, American Bandstand, Shindig!, Hullabaloo and Where The Action Is!.

Heard a story on Fox News yesterday that listening to retro music is an instant mood booster. So true!!!

pharmaross - I set up a new 7series, 4K Samsung Tv last week. I have an older JVC sound bar, 100w x2, I hooked up via optical sound. The setup works really well, so now when I watch TV, I really don't see the picture very often. I tune in sounds of the 70's and fall asleep. Funny, I woke up yesterday I think and The Carpenter's Close to you was booming from my sound bar. I laid there dreaming about my old high school girlfriend. Try it. It works!!!! My girlfriend was so lucky.

Those show were great. Where the Action Is. Paul Revere and the Raiders, I had their LP's. I bought the music for a lot of the songs and tried to learn to play them.

Somehow the plandemic seems to have left us without the ability to be stunned by this tale as the much touted "information age" has left us with only varying degrees of misinformation, RIP, truth.

man tom---Your story about a glass eye brought back memories of the time when I was maybe in first grade. I had many Spanish friends who warned me I lived just down the street from a bruja or Mexican witch. This old woman had given them the 'evil eye' and they were terrified of her.
This old lady had no car and used a wheeled cart to go to town and buy groceries. One day I was in the front yard I heard a loud squeaking noise headed our way. It was the old lady and one of the wheels on her cart was nearly falling off due to no grease. My dad came out and we greased all of the wheels and she happily went her way.
I mentioned the 'evil eye' and my dad laughingly explained that she had a glass eye and she also liked to drink. Sometimes she would get sloppy and put her glass eye in backwards so only the white backside showed. That was too much fun to tell my friends so I never said anything. They kept right on being terrified of the old witch who had an 'evil eye.'

Bad girl.
She should follow Girl Scouts’ business model and stick to selling crack.





My brother-in-law left a Tampa middle school after being threatened physically by several students. If he had had this girl as a student assistant...he might still be there.

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