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February 06, 2021


You can almost picture it.

(Thanks to DaninDallas and pharmaross)


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When that happens in Boulder, CO the tweet reads: "A large stoner the size of a large stoner..."

All I can say it Boulder? Dam!

Well, that's not a small boulder, all right.

That writing is as good as good writing.

Thus is an example of a rare form of writer's block.

At times like these, it is fitting to have the Colorado Department of Redundancy Department summon mutual aid from the Oregon State Highway Department.

I'm missing so much. When did we standardize boulder sizes?

I estimate it to be about 14 washing machines big.

It is easy to tell a large boulder from a small boulder because a large boulder is larger than a small boulder. To further clarify, a boulder is a large rock whereas a small boulder is a small rock. A rock is what most mountains are made of, which is why this particular mountain range is called The Rocky Mountains.
Whenever pieces of the Rocky Mountains falls off the mountain (in varying sizes) and lands on a man-made road they are often called fallen rocks or boulders and can cause the man-made road to be closed until a large diesel powered rubber tired loader can be brought in to clear the fallen rocks or boulders from the man-made road and traffic can return to normal.
The Colorado Highway Department, working in concert with other law enforcement agencies will keep you informed whenever a large or small piece of a Rocky Mountain falls off and lands on a road. Thank you!

So here on the east coast the mountains are made of appalachia?

The author of this clearly was from Stoner Creek himself.

Ship it off the the Hard Rock Casino.

@cfjk--Good point. Appalachian rocks would be called Appalachian rocks (or boulders) whereas if we called Rocky Mountain rocks, Rocky Mountain rocks that would be repetitive, which is something to be avoided in good writing. Therefore, Appalachian rocks (or boulders) that can consist of all size boulders or rocks and are found in the Appalachian Mountains are called Appalachian boulders or rocks. Rocky Mountain rocks or boulders will be found in the Rocky Mountains. Thank you.

"It was a dark and stormy boulder."

So then, in VT & NH, Appalachian rocks must be either white or green, while in TN they are more of a smoky gray? And can you describe the color "pocono"?

Perhaps the writer's should fit this boulder into the show and contrive Selma Hayek's boobs having a playful back and forth conversation regarding the big sucker.

The tweet is self-mocking a similar tweet last year.

The boobs should be names Dolores & Rico and Rico should be the bigger one. Is the bigger one usually the higher one, or the lower one?


More boulders...



Similes are hard.

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