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February 22, 2021


Scottish woman bit off man’s tongue in street brawl — then seagull ate it

(Thanks to DaninDallas and pharmaross)


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Soon to be an olympic demonstration sport.

Gag - note to self do not read Dave's blog whilst sipping coffee


Do NOT mess with them.

He shouldn't have insulted haggis and bagpipes, I guess.


Hey, it was hungry. And the guy will probably win some sort of award for his wildlife conservation effort.

Is there such a thing as a tongue transplant?

Can we get her to move to Florida?

I'll take "Moose bit my sister" for $500, Alex.

Well I suppose the lad is counting his blessings that the encounter did not proceed further before the nip occurred.

If a cat had stolen the tongue from that gull, we would have grist for the pun mill that could go for several paragraphs.

Revealed secret of making *really* great haggis.

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