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February 01, 2021


Clear Shots of 'UFO' Spotted Above Freeway on Outskirts of Los Angeles

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Obviously a fake -- there's nothing holding the arrow up.

It's the clearest proof of unidentified flying pie pans I've ever seen.

Nice to know that the seagulls got a clear shot on the spotting.

Probably just the long awaited for rescue ship.

I watched a Twilight Zone episode last night about UFOs....don't kid yourself, they're real and they've been here since at least '62.

They're just here to serve man, no worries.

There are better editors than Photoshop to recreate this. AND YES, it is an edited photo. Looks like an out-of-focus Starship Enterprise.

it's a 1962 Rambler hub cap.

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