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February 06, 2021


Mystery as Aussie towns are overrun with mouse infestation as ‘hundreds of thousands’ run riot & destroying crops

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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There's only one logical solution: a cat infestation.

Regular readers of the blog know that you can’t open a cabinet, look under your car hood, or just sit quietly on the toilet in Australia without encountering a snake. Apparently this is because the country offers an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord for reptiles. Mystery solved.

On the plus side, it's neither banana slugs nor Florida.

What is odd is the fact these mice are in Australia and they're not venomous.

Since this is Australia, I would be more worried about what those mice are running away from.

Thus guaranteeing a large and sustaining population of the deadliest snakes in the world.

.. a similar plague in 1984, when one farmer was shown on the evening news using a flamethrower to wipe the creatures out.

I am not going to click to watch the video. No way.

My work suffered a rat population explosion after a season of heavy rain. We had a year of pest control putting out and checking rat traps. A year. Things finally got serious when an admin assistant to one of the senior VPs came in one morning, opened the drawer of her desk to put away her purse, and a rat popped up. She kicked the drawer shut, halving the rat. If that had been me, not only would I want the rest of the week off, but I'd want a whole new desk and hazard pay.

I am quite sure that the spiders from the other infestations would get rid of mice in a day or two.

Nobel Prize nomination to Clankie.

It's time for Florida to export some Burmese Pythons to Australia!!!


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