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January 25, 2021


...she found her car plastered with signs, but they weren’t parking tickets. Instead, a stranger was trying to warn her that there was a 2 metre long snake curled up in her engine.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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In Australia, this is how a new romance typically begins.

All the local toilets must have been occupied.

Nobody would do this in Dade County. They would wait for the driver to find out. Either that, or the note would be written in Spanish.

Q: Are our pythons grass pythons (as opposed to carpet pythons)? Maybe rug pythons.

Bad luck for the 2m python, who was only filling in for the 3m python while he was on break.


and Snork @ ripleysparrow

Good that he wrote the note first, otherwise her panties would have almost no ransom value.

I could see in certain areas this would be a great way to meet women. simply put a note on the windshield.

My dear lady, I noticed a deadly venomous snake crawling into the engine compartment of your vehicle. I was able to remove it at great peril to myself and wish to assure you the reptile has been dispatched. You are most welcome. (insert name and address here)

@Le Petomane - Stranger things have happened. I have read of a deformed man who went to propose marriage to a beautiful woman. When she refused to come downstairs, he shouted up to her that before he was born, he saw the deformed body she was going to be born with, and begged God to give it to HIM, instead. The woman fell for it, came downstairs, and married him. So good luck with the venomous-snake-in-your-engine scheme! Should be a breeze.

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