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January 21, 2021


This Premium Gin Is Made From Distilled Elephant Dung

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Gin was mother's milk to her."

" a unique spirit that doesn’t taste anything like you’d imagine. "

That's what Mom said about fish oil.

Most common response in bars:

"Bartender, this gin tastes like crap."

Since we're harvesting dung, can we get the elephants to swallow some coffee beans while they're at it? The civet cats will never see this coming.

5*SNORK@ ripleysparrow!

We're gonna need bigger gin bottles.

If this their premium gin, what do they make their cheap stuff out of?

Hippo dung.

Finally: a drink that will improve your memory.

The squirrel dung version is only recommended for use as a fuel additive.


I've tasted this. A lot like what kerosene or paint thinner would taste like.

I didn't know there was a shortage of juniper berries.

I'm sure some craft beer breweries are looking at this.

Snork @ MOTW!

Having been in too many Wisconsin bars in my youth, I could hear it now. Hey! Dis gin is some good shit, dere hey.

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