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January 29, 2021


Stinnett Police Chief Gets Caught Cheating On Wife After Both Mistresses He Proposed To Discover Each Other On Facebook And Unravel His Lies

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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As a (late) good friend of mine used to say:

Texas leads the way!

It's good to have a backup plan if something doesn't work out. Right?


In his defense, he was just working under cover.

The word “moaning” could easily have been woven into this headline too.

He must have quite the billy club.

Collier could turn this situation into a golden opportunity. He is an ordained minister (about $99 online) which would qualify him to start his own church, surround himself with fawning female devotees and enjoy life.

Hey, it worked for L.Ron Hubbard.

I always thought a bigamist was an Italian fog.

He'll be petitioning the Court for "protective custody!"


True story. I had a neighbor who somehow managed to marry two women at the same time. One lived in Dallas, the other in Wichita Falls. He split time between them, living in both places. This went on for years, and neither ever knew of the other.

Until he died. He was a man of some means, so you can imagine the carnage with both families wanting to inherit his estate.

His twatter account will likely be banned when the women kick in with their messages.

If only they liked piña coladas and getting caught in the rain. I hear that prevents animosity in such situations.

On the plus side, he's got a choice of doghouses to sleep in.

Some people are just good at multi-tasking, I guess.

I realize this information is not 'the norm' for posting on the blog. But in light of an earlier thread today regarding Lada Gaga Oreo cookies, I wanted to relay a conversation I had with Mrs. man tom minutes ago which beats the hell out of that peculiar story..

Mrs man tom calls me to her desk pointing to her computer displaying a youtube video playing when she calls, "man tom...come here."

From the hallway outside her door I say, "what?" A socond time I say, "What!!!!!!!!!!!" This is an anxious reply to her because I am busy building her a new website and can not be disturbed. I may misspell a word or give an incorrect phoine number of a PRON site in my now bothered, confused state of mind.

I walk into the room, she says. "look Jack Micker...He's a she, but dresses like a man."

She is watching a video from Thailand with some singers and one looks like Jack Micker. But at first I questioned her, "Who? - Jack Micker?"

Anyway I corrected her noting, "you mean Mick jjagger."

She says, "yeah him, whatever. She is man."

I may have mispelled PRON on the new website, I have yet to check my work.

I wonder how many more will be discovered.

Just in case:

@ man tom - My sister (a total sports statistics fan) was once playing Trivial Pursuit with a guy, and for the game, he had to answer an esoteric question, the answer to which was Weeb Ewbank. He reached down into the depths of his mind and finally answered, "Ewb Weebank." After her laughter subsided, my sister gave him an A for effort and let him win.

Mad Hatter. Too funny. mrs man tom is a long ago naturalized citizen. Upon arriving in America after flying half way around the world feeling as she described it, 'could not walk straight after being on the plane for so long', she was going through customs. A woman there asked her, "can I see your papers?' mrs man tom thought about it. Then promptly reached into her purse and handed the lady a piece of paper.

@man tom - Brucelyn Jenner?

@Trew - Who?

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