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January 11, 2021


Bihar villagers take dead body to bank, demand money from account for funeral

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Tech savvy villagers know that you can just cut off the deceased's finger and do that online.

Infuriated villagers laid the body inside the bank for three hours. Later, when the local police intervened...

This about the same response time I get when I call police to tell them some idiot is lighting a fire in my bushes.

I'm scheduled to get the Covid vaccine later this morning. I need like six forms of ID which, I better check, could include the body of a dead relative.

I'm told the wait time in line is two to three hours. By that time I'll probably already have caught it.

Update: So being an 'essential' medical/dental person, I got the first of two Covid vaccines this morning. The line was long, but went smoothly due to the fact the facility was a firehouse/training facility and apparently Firemen know a lot about how a procedure like this should be managed. I was somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing when a buffed 200 pound Firefighter stuck the vaccine in my arm! No, really a Fireman gave me the shot. I don't think he was a paramedic. He didn't offer a sucker. Disappointed, but I kept my composure

man tom, from my mental hospital years, I learned that you want a nurse to give you a shot, they are usually very gentle. Doctors almost always find a spot to jab the needle that hurts. Now a 200 pound fireman is another story. It might have hurt more if you upset him.
But the cheapskate should have given you a sucker!

You get another jab in what, two weeks? But I am glad you got it. I had a great MD friend who said it's cheaper and smarter to get vaccinated against what you can than cure a disease. According to him, pneumonia,flu, DPT and Shingles vaccines are important.

The villagers should have put the body on some banker's desk and told them that when they took enough money from his account to cremate him,they would take it back. Until then, he's their problem.

This morning I received the Moderna vaccine. In three weeks I will be scheduled to get the Pfizer version. I believe Moderna is 50-60% effective. After Pfizer, the percent is supposed to be about 95% effective.

@man tom - both vaccines are 94-95% effective.
But now you are also infected with 5G, so your internet speed should improve significantly.

Qaz--Is there any truth to the rumor that nano particles in the vaccine will lodge in your brain and cause you to dream of what you want and Amazon will automatically take the money out of your account and send the item to you? You will also dream commercials telling you to buy products you can't live without. Possibly literally...


Weekend at Bhernies?

man tom--Good news about you getting the Pfizer vaccine. Pfizer also makes Viagra. Any company that makes a product that can raise the dead has got to know their stuff.

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